Please rinse/clean containers before putting into recycling bin.

  • RRRASOC Recycling Guide
  • Curbside recycling collection will be provided WEEKLY .
  • Please use the recycle bin for curbside recycling collection. 
  • Place the bin at the curb before 7:00 AM on your normal collection day. Recycle collection will be at a different time than   your rubbish collection. G FL Environmental recycling trucks look the same as garbage trucks.
  • Remember, discard all lids and no miscellaneous items please. 
  • Questions or concerns, please call GFL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AT 1 866 772-8900 

Thank you in advance for your recycling efforts!

Recycling Bin Full 
Large garbage cans can be used with lid off and marked recycling

Remember to...... 
Flatten cardboard & cut into pieces, No wax coated cardboard. Remove bags, strings and rubber bands from NEWS PAPERS and tuck in one side of the recycling bin. Please make sure all items are empty.